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i'm a pretty piece of junk

Name; caitlin paige
Age; 16
Location; redmond, washington [and sometimes dublin ireland]
Sexual Preference; love love love them dublin boys!! 
Single, or Taken? [pictures if taken]; taken. [one year, 2 months :] ] 

post-hair cut

pre-his haircut. 

Recommend 5 good books; Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell, Memoirs of a Geisha, A Clockwork Orange, Catcher In The Rye, and any classic Shakespeare works.
Recommend 5 good movies; Serenity, A Clockwork Orange, Trainspotting, any Kubrick Movies, and most Tim Burton movies.
Music Choice; pink floyd. led zeppelin. devendra banhart. antony & the johnsons. bright eyes. janis joplin. ten years after. the ractoneurs. the white stripes. much much more, my life is basicallly just music.
Food Tastes; i basically live off of organic fruits and veggies. i love love love apples and carrot sticks. i hate pizza, because i work at a pizza place. i love shepards pie, heinz baked beans, thai and chinese cuisine.
Dislikes in a person; when they try to hard to be unique and end up being just like everyone else. being rude. not listening to other people opinions.
What attracts you to a person; personality. opinions.
Favorite physical feature on yourself; my eyes because they change colours.
A few interesting facts about yourself; i raise guide dog puppies for the blind. it's an amazing thing and i love it! i'm adopted. i'm czechoslovakian. i have 3 different stomach disorders and it's really unfortunate.
If you wrote a memoir about your life, what would you title it?; oh thats tough! the life and times of caitlin. because i have no imagination whatso ever at 1:25 in the mornin

gay marriage; i support it, proudly. marriage is love between two people, which don't necessarily have to be a male and a female. there is no reason why this should be such an issue, it's not like we're saying by accepting gay marriage everyone will be gay and if you don't support it they will make you watch and rub it in your face. i think people need to stop being so stiff with their opinions and see the reality of it all.

abortion; abortion is truly the womans decision. i support it being the womans choice. morally i see nothing wrong with it, because it's not like someone is being deprived their life, they would never have known life, and would never have known that they didn't excist.

premarital sex; this is the couples decision. if they are doing it to be closer to eachother and are safe and use protection then good for them. however, if you're running around sleeping with many different men, i think you have some issues you need to work out with yourself first.

war in IRAQ; i do not support war in any way shapr or form. i've gone to nearly every peace protest in seattle, but this does not mean that i don't support our troops, because i am so grateful for everything they are doing for us, however i wish we lived in a world where we could just all get along peacefully and not have to worry about fighting, killing and trying to force our opinions and beliefs onto other countries.

At least 6, but no more than 10, HIGH QUALITY pictures of yourself;

valentines day!

me and my boyfriend on vacation, before his haircut.

me - really happy on vacation with my boyfriends family. i think this picture pretty much sums me up.

me and my best friend on the bus [i'm the blonde.]

again on the bus, bored, having fun. 

me and my boyfriend playing on the mac. i'm on the left. before his haircut.

right after a hair cut! sorry i'm sideways, couldn't be arsed to fix that though

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