sara (__fakinglights) wrote in prettyjunk,

i'm a pretty piece of junk

Name; Sara

Age; 17

Location; new phila, ohio

Sexual Preference; i like boys =)

Single, or Taken? [pictures if taken]; happily taken

Recommend 5 good books;
2)The Pact
3)Summer Sisters
4)The Perks of Being a Wallflower
5)The Devil Wears Prada

Recommend 5 good movies;
2)The Notebook
3)Donnie Darko
4)Mean Girls =)
5)Vanilla Sky

Music Choice;
my music choice changes frequently but my favorites include john mayer, dashboard confessional, brand new, citizen cope, dave matthews band, lovedrug, deathcab, the format, the shins, jack johnson; and the occasional country & rap

Food Tastes;
italian &chinese are my favorites, i also work at a city park during the summer and live off of junk food ;)

Dislikes in a person;
i dislike when people put others down because they might be different. everyone is different and flaws make you a beautiful person

What attracts you to a person;
they have to make me laugh and yet be able to hold a conversation with me. i'm also a sucker for eyes and teeth. a good smile will attract me right to you

Favorite physical feature on yourself;
my eyes and legs

A few interesting facts about yourself;
i'm an only child, i plan on majoring in psychology next year in college, and i met my boyfriend in kindergarten :D

If you wrote a memoir about your life, what would you title it?;
my life as a pancake


gay marriage;
i believe love is love, no matter who it's between. i wouldn't want someone to tell me who i'm allowed to love, so i would never do the same to another person. true love is beautiful, and if it happens to be with someone of the same sex, it's still just as beautiful

although i believe abortion is wrong, i do believe it's a woman's choice. i don't think you should be able to abort a human being because you don't want a baby. i do believe it is okay in times of rape or if it will cause harm to the mother. a human being is a human being. i've always believed that if you abort a baby, you never know what that person could be. he/she could have been the next einstein or found the cure for aids.

premarital sex;
it is the couple's decision. i believe if you are completely ready to accept the consequences of your actions, go for it. but be SAFE! and i think you should truly love the person and be committed to them. i don't support going around and having multiple sex partners to feel better about yourself

war in IRAQ;
i think we should get out before we're in too far, or maybe we already are.. i don't support war but i support our troops. i wish we could all live peacefully, but that will never happen :\

At least 6, but no more than 10, HIGH QUALITY pictures of yourself;

on left

on right

silly =)

prom 06

on left

A link to one place that you promoted this community;

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yes! i liked the app and you are pretty
and your bf is cute :)
you are very typical.

But you're pretty.
we have so much in common, including our names haha. you're really pretty, too.
+youre pretty.
+mean girls and donnie darko.
and i like your prom dress! :)
but i think i know you from somewhere....

like in real life.

who is that girl with the stripped halter?? Is her name Kaylin or something?
her name is megan
Pretty in the most boring way possible.
Which is pretty bad coming from me considering I'm really generic looking myself.
Not to mention you're naive and your opinions are worthless.
how can you say my opinions are worthless when we have many of the same opinions? plus everyone has their own opinion and you are naive to put my opinion down just because it's not identical to yours
Because you do not provide any actual knowledge or support with your opinion.
An opinion is only of consequence when it's a knowledgable opinion. You did not display any true knowledge of the subject matter.
i like you & i think your very pretty.
youre pretty.
but youre boring as well.
no. sorry.
boring, i dont like your teeth, your interesting
facts werent interesting at all, you have nice eyes
though. sorry but im gonna go for a no on this one.
cute prom dress.
watching mold grow on a strawberry is less boring than you.
if you had a spark of uniqueness i'd say yes. but no.
Boring, but cute- I think you'd grow on me.
looks like your in.
start voting & promoting.