sara (__fakinglights) wrote in prettyjunk,

i'm a pretty piece of junk

Name; Sara

Age; 17

Location; new phila, ohio

Sexual Preference; i like boys =)

Single, or Taken? [pictures if taken]; happily taken

Recommend 5 good books;
2)The Pact
3)Summer Sisters
4)The Perks of Being a Wallflower
5)The Devil Wears Prada

Recommend 5 good movies;
2)The Notebook
3)Donnie Darko
4)Mean Girls =)
5)Vanilla Sky

Music Choice;
my music choice changes frequently but my favorites include john mayer, dashboard confessional, brand new, citizen cope, dave matthews band, lovedrug, deathcab, the format, the shins, jack johnson; and the occasional country & rap

Food Tastes;
italian &chinese are my favorites, i also work at a city park during the summer and live off of junk food ;)

Dislikes in a person;
i dislike when people put others down because they might be different. everyone is different and flaws make you a beautiful person

What attracts you to a person;
they have to make me laugh and yet be able to hold a conversation with me. i'm also a sucker for eyes and teeth. a good smile will attract me right to you

Favorite physical feature on yourself;
my eyes and legs

A few interesting facts about yourself;
i'm an only child, i plan on majoring in psychology next year in college, and i met my boyfriend in kindergarten :D

If you wrote a memoir about your life, what would you title it?;
my life as a pancake


gay marriage;
i believe love is love, no matter who it's between. i wouldn't want someone to tell me who i'm allowed to love, so i would never do the same to another person. true love is beautiful, and if it happens to be with someone of the same sex, it's still just as beautiful

although i believe abortion is wrong, i do believe it's a woman's choice. i don't think you should be able to abort a human being because you don't want a baby. i do believe it is okay in times of rape or if it will cause harm to the mother. a human being is a human being. i've always believed that if you abort a baby, you never know what that person could be. he/she could have been the next einstein or found the cure for aids.

premarital sex;
it is the couple's decision. i believe if you are completely ready to accept the consequences of your actions, go for it. but be SAFE! and i think you should truly love the person and be committed to them. i don't support going around and having multiple sex partners to feel better about yourself

war in IRAQ;
i think we should get out before we're in too far, or maybe we already are.. i don't support war but i support our troops. i wish we could all live peacefully, but that will never happen :\

At least 6, but no more than 10, HIGH QUALITY pictures of yourself;

on left

on right

silly =)

prom 06

on left

A link to one place that you promoted this community;

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